On Friday 13th 2015, Jorg Gray was featured on LBC - talk radioLBC (originally the London Broadcasting Company) is a London-based national talk and phone-in radio station which shows a wide listener base.

Our sales manager Tim Condon discussed the brand with radio host Nick Ferrari and paid particular attention to the JG6500 which Barack Obama wears. Tim went on to discuss the interesting story of how the President came to admire and wear the watch.

President Obama received his original JG6500 in 2007 as a birthday gift from his secret service detail and has been wearing it ever since. Shortly thereafter Jorg Gray created a commemorative edition of the timepiece for the public. Each watch comes with an individualized serial number and the following inscription, laser engraved on the case back

"The 44th President
Of the United States
Barack H. Obama
January 20th 2009
Commemorative Edition"

Demand for this striking and sophisticated watch grew as Obama was photographed with the timepiece at numerous notable events, including his presidential election speech and historic inauguration, spurring Jorg Gray to create a Commemorative Edition 6500. Since then, the Jorg Gray Collection has expanded to include an in-depth complete men’s and women’s line as President Obama continues to sport the original JG6500.

In addition, Tim discussed our place at Baselworld this year from March 19th - 26th. Baselworld is universally recognised as the most important marketplace and trendsetting event for the world's watch and jewellery industry. With more than 1500 brands representing every sector of the industry, Baselworld distinguishes itself as the only show that regroups all the global key players from watchmakers to jewellers, from diamonds, pearls and gem stones dealers through to machinery suppliers. We are thrilled to be a part of this show and to present new watches at the event.

Nick admired and is now wearing the Jorg Gray commerative timepice and will be endorsing the watch. Stay upto date with social media to keep up with our latest news on this:

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