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Kickmaster are a leading manufacturer of all things football, specifically aimed at youngsters who want to improve and hone their football skills. Their training sets are designed for outdoor and indoor use and provide the flexibility to be set up in small, medium and large spaces. Their footballs, targets and goals are fully interactive, allowing keen footballers in the family to create their own training programme. All sets are designed for singleplayer or multiplayer so your children can get their friends and the rest of the family to join in! Kickmaster designers are relentlessly looking for new ways to help young people learn football skills by providing unique and well designed products that are both fun and appropriate for beginners, intermediate and expert level players. Ride On Toys 4 U have partnered directly with Kickmaster to bring some of their very best products to young people right across the UK. All of their products are about learning while having fun at the same time. Kickmaster products help to improve control skills, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and physical fitness. Ideal for beginners and younger players, the Close Control Football Trainer will assist in ball control, passing and shooting.The trainer features a recoil mechanism for fast action and controlled practice and a shaped handle for extra grip. The ball holder is universal, fitting all standard size footballs. Kickmaster have created a unique football training set, ideal for indoor sessions. The Glide Hover Football is an electronic indoor football game, featuring a hovering, gliding football with lights. This quirky and interesting set comes with 3 cones so players can create their own fun obstacle course. Thanks to the cushioned bumper and hover action of the ball, it will protect floors, woodwork and paint. The glide hover football is an indoor football game perfect for multiple players or individual use. Kickmaster have developed two of their own beginner friendly footballs that are robust, proofed for all surfaces and types of weather along with enhanced grip features for maximum control. Specially formulated K-Tec super soft cushioning system for anti-sting and easy control, the Kickmaster Academy Training Ball is officially sized and weighted for the next generation of footballers. It’s amazing anti-sting cushioning system ensures there will be no tears. Their other type of football, the Multi Surface Football features Microdot texture for extra grip and control. The football has an outer covering made from robust, durable 100% rubber suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces such as astro-turf, tarmac and grass. It’s also super easy to inflate! If you’ve got the ball then you will surely need a target to shoot at, honing those trick shots to get the ball exactly where you want it to go. Ride On Toys 4 U have a selection of targets and goals to help practice technique and ball control. Suitable for indoor practice when the rain has called off match day, an Indoor Target Shot is a great way to still hone those important footwork skills. The target features Velcro target shot with “sticky” loop and eye pads, and comes with a soft ball, ensuring there’s no risk of damaging other household items. Built from a rigid tubular frame and with Nylon straps for hanging up and/or attaching to doors, this makes a great indoor pastime on a rainy day. With a variety of targets to shoot for, the aim of the game is to score as many points as possible. No football pro would be complete without genuine goalposts. The Kickmaster Heavy Duty Performance goal is available in 6ft or 7ft sizes to suit your outdoor space. The goals are made from heavy duty metal and it’s construction makes it extremely strong and sturdy, built to deal with weather conditions. They are well suited for those avid players who love to smash the ball into the back of the top corner. Finally, Kickmaster offer the ultimate football set in their Backpack Training Football Set. It includes the durable size 4 Kickmaster training ball (official size), a pair of printed shin pads with high-impact shell protection, a printed drinks bottle and 4 flexi training cones. All this comes in a Kickmaster printed zip-top backpack with breathable side pockets to keep all the essential kit in one place for when not kicking about in training. Whatever your skill level, Ride On Toys 4 U are here to bring the best Kickmaster football equipment to you at a competitive price. From sturdy and all-weather goals to the best quality anti-sting footballs, Kickmaster have a comprehensive line of products suitable for indoor and outdoor practice and even for kids who have limited floor space.