Gift Ideas for a New Home


Forty percent of British homeowners described moving house as the “most nerve-wracking life event”, placing it above getting divorced, beginning a new job, or having a baby. If a friend or family member has just moved home, you may want to treat them to a housewarming gift to celebrate their accomplishment and help them settle in.


But that’s easier said than done. How do you know what makes a fantastic gift for a new home when you have so many options to choose from?


Below, we’ve picked 7 great ideas for a special gift to inspire you.

Games Table 


If your friend or relative loves to play classic board games, a games table — such as the Regatta Games Table — is the ideal gift for a new home. 


This foldaway table includes:


  • 1 die
  • Snakes and ladders, chess, drafts, and tic tac toe printed boards
  • Folding legs for easy flat storage
  • Fibreboard top 
  • Steel legs


You may be able to find other games tables featuring different games, too.

Garden Blower Vac


Your friend or loved one may have a garden for the first time, and can’t wait to start taking care of it. You can make it easier for them with a powerful garden blower vac, such as the Kingfisher Garden Blower Vacuum. 


A great blower makes gathering debris simpler and faster, so they can get more done in less time. 


Greenhouse on Wheels


Diving into a gardening routine can be intimidating for beginners, but a greenhouse on wheels helps ease you into it. A three-tier design, for example, has enough room to grow and tend to a few plants without you committing to the effort involved with a glass greenhouse.

Beauty Mirror 


A beauty mirror is a great addition to a new home. Many models incorporate LED lighting to help with makeup application and grooming, such as the Carmen Noir LED Mirror. It includes 21 LED lights, a 180-degree rotating stand, and a smart touchscreen with an on/off button. But simpler beauty mirrors are available if the recipient prefers a traditional approach.

Exercise Mat


A new home may mean plenty of new space to get active, and an exercise mat is a terrific addition to any at-home workout kit. You can choose from a huge range of mats, including yoga mats, fitness mats, and more.

Paddling Pool


A paddling pool is a fun gift for a family moving into a new home. Young kids love splashing about in a colourful, exciting pool of any size, and there are some amazing ones to choose from



Like paddling pools, trampolines are a terrific way for the whole family to have fun together, but they’re also an effective way to keep fit. Some trampolines are designed to help you burn calories and get a cardio workout, so if your friend or relative loves to be active, a fitness trampoline could be just the thing.




These 7 gift ideas will help you find the right present to wish a special someone a warm welcome into their new home. Want more inspiration? Check out the rest of our massive collection for outstanding products from top brands!