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About Jorg Gray

Jorg Gray Watch Barnd was established in in 1998. We weren’t sure what to expect. We had a couple dozen incredible timepieces, several torrents of rain cascading off the windows, and one important mission. We wanted Jorg Gray to get recognised in the watch industry as a leader in style and design.

That was then, and we’ve since been showcased in The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Independent, and celebrated in Esquire, Playboy, Maxim and Style magazines, respectively. Whether you nod to modern design, or the traditional timepiece structure, you get recognition when you wear a Jorg Gray.

Our designers cut cases from solid blocks of steel. Engineers integrate flawless Swiss and Japanese movements under the finest sapphire and mineral crystal. Skilled artisans complete each timepiece with the finishing touches; exquisite metal bracelets, superior leather, or waterproof silicone rubber. At no point in our unique ancestry have we skimped on cost, quality or innovation.

We know that fine accomplishments are established in every detail, and we champion this concept. It may be what captured President Obama’s attention early in his career, when he noticed his Secret Service detail wearing the JG6500 chronograph. As some of the most precise individuals in the world, the Secret Service have their own standard issue Jorg Gray timepiece. President Obama admired it, and received one as a gift on his 46th birthday. He has since worn it to key events such as his Presidential inauguration, victory speech and the acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize.

That only leaves us with one question. How do you define your time?

It could be a promotion, a proposal or a penalty kick. But mostly it’s the moment you know you’ve won. At Jorg Gray we create timepieces to accompany moments of greatness.

Begin the journey here.